When we are considering commencing on any construction project, the health and safety of employees and others who may be affected by the company’s activities is fundamental to the success of its dealing.  JMC Construction & Trading Co. Ltd undertakes a realistic approach in administering health and safety, environment and quality practices, with the core objective of creating a safe environment for all company operations.

We organize ourselves and conduct services with respect and care for the environment and without compromise to the health and safety of the people by categorically adhering to all laws provide to protect our environment and the society. We have therefore set policies and guidelines that address these important issues, like continually striving to achieve the goal of zero incidents and no environmental hazardous occurrences, with no lost time to the project, and continual improvement of quality processes. Monitoring of performance against these objectives together with revision is the responsibility of all managers who report results via the Quality, health, safety and environmental manager.

The managers are responsible to uphold these policies from commencement of a project to its handover. All legal authority regulations and directives should be followed to the latter. All possible injuries to the people and damage that may cause environmental pollution to our community bring risk to the society and retard or derail our efforts of attaining a sustainable environment should be initially dealt with by application of a comprehensive risk analysis, provision of the right protective gear, proper training on work processes, protection to the environment and most importantly education in health, nutrition and HIV/AIDS matters.  This policy is the responsibility of JMC Construction & Trading Co. Ltd Managers; it is subject to continual improvement and is periodically reviewed to ensure suitability, adequacy and effectiveness in respect of the impacts and risks arising from our activities.

We ensure that all the legislative requirements are met and standards for good practices within the industry are followed in every activity of the company.The success of this policy requires that we ensure that all workers are competent to carry out (or undertake or complete) their tasks through training, information, instruction and consultation. We should also Identify vulnerability in all activities and seek to eradicate or control them and most of all we aim to provide quality that surpasses our customers’ expectations and adds value for them.